Video by : Joshua Vasko (AKA great dude)


In a world with so much disconnection, we can all come around and enjoy similar things together; such as  travel, a bike ride, or a simple cup of coffee. 

These are my anecdotes of failure and success. Mostly failure, though. You learn more from failures.


Who am I?

My name is Dillon Williams aka Dilly or Dills. I enjoy overthinking the small things, stressing out over details, and zippy nougaty espresso. I am  Barista Level Two(one-time failure) and IDP certified through the SCA. You can find me at the Barista bar brewing bevs at events or on the side of a road clutching my hip because I fell off my bike. 

My perfect day would include;

615am-opening up cafe (morning is my favorite time of the day)

830am-serving bomb drinks, and killing the service game with a rad group of baristas

1pm- getting food with coffee friends

3pm - bike ride

7pm - planning my next Disney trip(seriously though, if you want me to plan your next one- I'll hook you up)