The First Step in a Long Journey


Hey guys! 

I am not a very technologically advanced person(buying a domain was a very challenging thing for me) so doing this took some effort. 

I will be starting my bicycle trek across Europe at the Budapest World of Coffee in June, 2017. From there I hope to cross the Austrian Alps(without falling off a cliff) and into Italy. I am trying not to plan too far ahead but I will update as soon as things are set in stone!

This is going to be my ongoing documentation on where I am, where I'm going, who I'm meeting, and the coffee I'm drinking. My coffee community in Charlotte, North Carolina has been a community of growth. In the year and a half that I have been involved in it, I have grown so much better as a person not to mention as well as a coffee professional. It isn't as much due to the coffee but because of the people. 

The unification of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe will bring many things to the specialty coffee industry; transparency, sustainability, a wider spread of education, and unity. Unity being what brings us all together as people; as human beings who share a similar interest in the product we create and the people we serve. 

Homecoming is my reflection on communities in coffee; the people in it, the coffee being served, and the people drinking it. The connection that people share when serving coffee is unlike any others. Coffee is warm and inviting. It is a small gesture of kindness and compassion. Coffee crosses boundaries and borders making it possibly for all types of people to sit down together and enjoy. Coffee shows no discrimination; it just brings us closer. 

With all the hate and disunity floating around the world currently, I want to highlight the people who make their communities what they are. The people that bring it together and serve others unconditionally. The people who brew, roast, and serve coffee not because they are just passionate about coffee but because they are passionate about the people in coffee. These are the people that make the coffee industry a community that I am proud to be apart of. 

Thank you for reading & stay tuned for more!



p.s - I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule so if you would like to meet up, get a coffee, or go ride bikes you can email me or slide into my DMs at -


I hope to hear from you soon!