The whole thought of me originated October of 2016 when I was sitting at Rockefeller Center in New York City eating a TKO(Thomas Keller Oreo) from Bouchon Bakery. I had been to Budin(a Scandinavian focused cafe in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint) and was intrigued by the thought of them and a few others in New York as the only that serve some European roasters.

I understand, being local is cool. It's the kale, the avocado toast, the bees knees, in today's society and culture; yet at the same time so is globalization. We live in such a small world(especially in specialty coffee) that even I, being as socially awkward and weird, am friends with people who live on the opposite side of the country. This is INSANE. It is mind boggling that I can reach out to someone across the world and share a story or a conversation. That is why it is also CRAZY that more cafes in the United States don't serve international coffee; and vice versa. 

Tomorrow I fly back to New York. I will go to Budin(THEY HAVE TALOR&JORGAN'S COFFEES RIGHT NOW), I will get a TKO, and I will go to Rockefeller Center. Because I am a pathetic Romantic who loves that type of stuff. 


The bike is packed, the bags are ready, and my flights are books. My beautiful little bike weighs in at 55lb in the box and it has to travel through 3 cities, 3 flights, and 2 houses before I can reassemble it back up. Pray that no one destroys it in transit. 


Stay tuned for New York next.