Stupid Things Cafes Do Intentionally AKA Why I Go to Starbucks When I Travel

Part I


I love the coffee industry. It is a very helpful and open-minded group of people. I have been given so much from them and in turn met some of the greatest people ever. With that said, there are some completely idiotic things that are done in cafes purposely. 


I have had the pleasure of visiting many cafes in both the United States and Europe and have experienced some of the greatest service and coffee, but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t many issues in specialty coffee cafes.


The biggest most annoying, idiotic, trend is the intentional lack of WiFi in cafes. WHY. The only intelligent response regarding this is that it keeps people from staying too long in a cafe; which is absolutely thoughtless. We offer more than coffee in a cafe(unless you are a takeaway cafe), we have pastries, we put loads of money into making our spaces look clean and inviting, we pay architects to make a unique space, but then you ruin it by saying you don’t want someone to stay long.


Understandably, I get why people with laptops who don’t purchase much can be annoying. Though, there are alternatives besides doing away with WiFi entirely, such as having a space for exclusively laptops and not allowing laptops during certain rush hours and days(Drop Coffee in Stockholm does this perfectly).


When traveling, my maps, communication, entertainment, work, and everything is done on my iPhone. If I go into a cafe and they don’t have WiFi I will still order something quick but I will just as quickly find the nearest Starbucks to get my work done. I am also not the minority in this. Majority of people I meet in hostels/camping/ect prioritize communication to a trendy cafe and most tourists do as well. There is a reason Starbucks is so busy among tourists

If anyone has an intelligent reason on why this is, please enlighten me. I would love to talk about it. 


Rant over.